Laser Distance Meter
As a major manufacturer & exporter, we meet all your needs regarding quick & easy distance measurements. Our Laser Distance Meters are designed for greater accuracy in many situations. These devices measure farther, and perfect for measurements of length, volumes and squares etc. We have a wide line of models that fits your task perfectly. Also, we keep up with innovative measuring technology and proven design concept to bring the best possible line of Laser Distance Meter. It helps save time as well as money, and offer modern, effective measuring methods.
OEM Laser Distance Meter

Offered OEM Laser Distance Meters are computed with qualities at a cycle rate of assorted milliseconds. The object measured can be a fluid, energy, solid, engrossing or radiating hot body. These meters are highly robust and thus can be easily employed in harsh industrial applications. These also insure precise mensuration of displacement, position & distance on various surfaces. 


  • EL SERIES - Smaller | Rounder | More Stable | More Accurate | Fast measuring
  • PEN SERIES - Slim As A Pen | Fits Your Hands | Measures Accurate | Smallest, Perfect And Most Accurately In Your Pocket
  • DM SERIES - Square design | Fits your toolbox | More accurate measurement | Extended pin Features
  • CA600 SERIES - Round Shape | Smooth Rubber Hand-held | Stable & Accurate measurement
Laser Level Meter
Laser Level Meters feature the combination laser levels, spot laser levels, line laser levels etc. These are designed to insure accuracy for everything from leveling to complex measurements as well as job-site grading. The design of these assist you to get the job done right, all the time.
Laser Distance Meter Sensor
Provided Laser Distance Sensors are delivered with high repeatability, speedy reaction time and extremely reduced size. These are applicative for level measurement and insure precision in distance & height measurement.
Electronic Digital Level Meter
Electronic Digital Level is built to measure the sound which travels through air. It is easy to installed, maintained and operated. This device accurately measures the sound level and provide optimum service.
Wireless Digital Level Meter
Wireless Digital Level Meter is utilized for measuring sound in various fields. It is designed in compact size and light weight. This device is highly durable, easy to operate and maintain.
2D Laser Scanning Module
2D Laser Scanning Module is used for monitoring and positioning objects. It is also applicable for various mapping and elevator measuring. Module provides high performance efficiency as well as durability.
Compact & Distance Measuring Module
Compact Distance Measuring Module find its application in elevator level measuring, security application movement detection and more. It is also used for robot eye distance measuring applications and many more.
Wide Working Temperature Module
Wide Working Temperature Module is designed for measuring temperature in food processing, chemical handling, medical control and other fields. It is easy to use and provides optimum performance along with durability.  

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